Midlake On World Cafe : World Cafe The Texas folk-rock group joins World Cafe's Michaela Majoun for a session that features songs from its new album, Antiphon. Guitarist Eric Pulido discusses how Midlake's sound changed after former lead singer and songwriter Tim Smith left the group.

Midlake On World Cafe

Midlake On World Cafe

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Sammy Reed/Courtesy of the artist


Sammy Reed/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Antiphon"
  • "It's Going Down"
  • "The Old And The Young"
  • "Provider"

Fans of Midlake have no doubt grown accustomed to the band's malleable sound, which fluctuates from album to album. The Texas folk-rock band's second record, The Trial of Van Occupanther, was steeped in the atmosphere of the '70s, while 2010's The Courage of Others headed in another direction altogether.

The change on Midlake's latest album, Antiphon, is more fundamental: Lead singer and songwriter Tim Smith left the band in the middle of recording the new project. Guitarist Eric Pulido is now at the head of the group. World Cafe's Michaela Majoun talks with Pulido about what led to the change, as well as the meaning behind the new record's title.

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