Robyn Hitchcock On World Cafe : World Cafe The former member of The Soft Boys makes psychedelic folk rock with a tender, surreal bent.

Robyn Hitchcock On World Cafe

Robyn Hitchcock On World Cafe


Over the course of his four decade career, Robyn Hitchcock has cultivated psychedelic, poppy forms of folk and rock — with The Soft Boys in the '70s, the Egyptians in the '80s and as a solo artist. The Man Upstairs, his most recent solo record, takes structural inspiration from Judy Collins' '60s albums, pairing original material with covers of songs by Roxy Music, The Doors and others. The album is not as bombastic as his earlier work, but he maintains an ear for comedic and strange lyrical turns that imbue his work with a tender, surreal quality.

Hear the full episode at the audio link and individual songs from his set below.

Robyn Hitchcock On World Cafe

'Trouble In Your Blood'

Download "Trouble In Your Blood"

Trouble In Your Blood

'Recalling The Truth'

Recalling The Truth

'The Crystal Ship'

The Crystal Ship

'San Francisco Patrol (Web Exclusive)'

San Francisco Patrol (Web Exclusive)

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