Cookies On World Cafe : World Cafe Hear the Brooklyn pop band perform four songs from its debut album, Music For Touching.

Cookies On World Cafe

Cookies On World Cafe

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Emily Keegin/Courtesy of the artist


Emily Keegin/Courtesy of the artist

Before forming Cookies, Ben Sterling led Mobius Band, a group he formed in college. As that band faded, Sterling took the opportunity to figure out how his music should sound. On Cookies' debut album, Music For Touching, it sounds like bright, breezy electro-pop with high production values — a challenge, given that he records much of it himself. Here, Sterling performs with drummer Cinque Kemp, bassist Aakaash Israni and singer Ashley Giorgi.

Set List

  • July Seventeen - Cry Baby

  • Go Back

  • Music For Touching

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