Will Butler On World Cafe : World Cafe Butler, a multi-instrumentalist for the band Arcade Fire, performs songs from his new album Policy.

Will Butler On World Cafe

Will Butler On World Cafe

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Courtesy of the artist

Will Butler.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Take My Side
  • Anna
  • When The Sun Comes Up
  • Witness

Will Butler, the keyboard player and jack-of-all-instruments for Arcade Fire, has been playing smaller stages lately and liking it. Arcade Fire plays sheds and festivals — led by his brother, singer Win Butler — but he's been playing 150-seat clubs as a solo artist who's just released his debut album, Policy.

After receiving an Oscar nomination for his collaboration with Owen Pallett for the soundtrack to Spike Jonze's film Her, Butler decided to make the record he'd been dreaming of. Butler is always in motion in this World Cafe session.

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