The Mekons On World Cafe : World Cafe The Mekons started as a punk band in the '70s, but soon embraced British folk and American country.

The Mekons On World Cafe

The Mekons On World Cafe

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The Mekons' devoted following and long history — the band formed in 1977 — has inspired a new documentary film called The Revenge Of The Mekons.

After first getting together as art students at Leeds University, The Mekons' members started as punks (and peers of their friends in Gang Of Four). Upon signing to a record label and finding a measure of success, The Mekons soon became enamored of British folk music and American country and changed dramatically. The group took a hiatus in the mid-'80s and has continued off and on at its own speed ever since, as members such as Sally Timms and Jon Langford have worked extensively as solo artists.

In this session for World Cafe, the band performs live in the studio — be sure to check out the video of the festivities on this page.

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