Titus Andronicus On World Cafe : World Cafe Hear the New Jersey band perform songs from its new punk opera, The Most Lamentable Tragedy.

Titus Andronicus On World Cafe

Titus Andronicus On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Fatal Flaw"
  • "Dimed Out"
  • "I Lost My Mind"

Titus Andronicus' new album, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, is a rock opera in five parts that singer Patrick Stickles says sums up his 20s. The punk-influenced band from New Jersey is no stranger to exploring grand concepts — it received considerable success for its album The Monitor, which drew thematically from the Civil War.

On this page, hear Titus Andronicus, which celebrates its 10th anniversary as a band this year, perform a set recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Stickles also joins the Philadelphia Inquirer's Dan DeLuca in conversation.

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