Santana On World Cafe : World Cafe The band's original members from 1972 are back with a new album, Santana IV.

Santana On World Cafe

Santana on World Cafe

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  • "Fillmore East"
  • "Anywhere You Want To Go"
  • "Yamba"

Carlos Santana has just returned with a new album featuring his original band, which split up in 1972 — including guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Gregg Rollie (both of whom left to form Journey), Michael Shrieve on drums, and Michael Carabello on percussion.

In this episode of World Cafe, Carlos Santana tells the story of how the group's new album, Santana IV, came together. He also discusses the new instrumental "Fillmore East," which was influenced by the legendary music venue.

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