Stream Sheer Mag's Performance For World Cafe : World Cafe Tina Halladay and co. play like they're rock stars headlining the EnormoDome, but they come from a busted-up building called the Nut House.

Sheer Mag On World Cafe

Hear the band's performance at World Cafe Live, and listen to an interview with Tina Halladay and Kyle Seely.

Sheer Mag On World Cafe

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Sheer Mag is a five-piece rock band from Philadelphia that sounds like it's headlining the EnormoDome, but comes from a busted-up building called the Nut House that's also home to slugs and roaches.

Set List

  • "Need to Feel Your Love"
  • "Just Can't Get Enough"
  • "Fan The Flames"

Over the past three years, Tina Halladay and co. quickly amassed a sizable loyal following with almost no social media or PR help. Now, they've just released their full-length debut, Need To Feel Your Love, which is full of arena-sized '70s rock. The group gets compared to Thin Lizzy all the time — a topic we discuss in the band's World Cafe session with Halladay and guitarist Kyle Seely. They joined me in the studio to share gritty stories about coming up through rock and roll's DIY scene in Philly.

Episode Playlist