Song Premiere: Hear The Barr Brothers' 'Queens Of The Breakers' : World Cafe Hear the title track to the band's forthcoming album, out Oct. 13.

Song Premiere: Hear The Barr Brothers' 'Queens Of The Breakers'


The Barr Brothers — siblings Brad and Andrew Barr, along with harpist Sarah Pagé – are set to release a new album, Queens Of The Breakers, via Secret City Records on Oct. 13.

The American-born brothers started the group in Montreal as a folk-pop band; over the course of the six years since The Barr Brothers' self-titled debut album, it has evolved into a very smart, modestly eclectic rock band with touches of Americana, blues and rock. Before The Barr Brothers took shape, the brothers performed as The Slip, a group that was built on a musical foundation of classic rock, jazz and jam bandology.

The music of The Barr Brothers has an expansive sound where influences intersect, and the members are equally at home playing jazz fests, folk fests and rock fests. They are super crafty songwriters and performers — sophisticated, but not overly — and their songs have plenty of familiar touchpoints, while still taking musical chances to a warm and dazzling effect.

The title song to the band's new album, "Queens Of The Breakers," is a perfect illustration of the band's attention to musical detail with memorable results. With a driving groove, a pleasantly overdriven melodic hook and just the right amount of ringing guitars, the anthemic quality of the song lingers way past the song's completion.