Latin Roots: Buscabulla : World Cafe With a name that translates as "troublemaker," you get an idea of what to expect in this live performance.

Latin Roots: Buscabulla

Latin Roots: Buscabulla

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Auique Cabanillas/Courtesy of the artist


Auique Cabanillas/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Temporal"
  • "Sono"
  • "Caer"

Our Latin Roots series continues with a mini-concert by Buscabulla, which is slang for troublemaker. The duo, of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo, mash electronic beats with alternative Latin sounds — you could picture their set underscoring a Nuyorican roller rink in the '70s.

They're also sexy as all get out; the way Raquel Berrios slinks up to the microphone and winds her hips, and Luis Alfredo's groovy swagger on the bass or the guitar. The pair is a partnership on and off the stage, with a young daughter who travels with them on the road. (They also released their second EP earlier this year on their own, appropriately named Baby Making Records.) The duo met in New York, but their roots are Puerto Rican. (Our thoughts are with those in Puerto Rico affected by the recent storm --- you can head here for ways to help in the relief effort.)

Buscabulla's EP starts with the song "Tartaro," which was also their choice to open our mini-concert. Hear it in the player above and watch the performance via VuHaus below.


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