The Secret Sisters On World Cafe : World Cafe Hear a live performance of songs from Laura and Lydia Rogers' new album, You Don't Own Me Anymore.

The Secret Sisters On World Cafe

The Secret Sisters On World Cafe

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Abraham Rowe/Courtesy of the artist

The Secret Sisters

Abraham Rowe/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Carry Me"
  • "Tennessee River"
  • "You Don't Own Me Anymore"

The Secret Sisters (who, yes, are in fact sisters!) are Laura and Lydia Rogers. First signed to Universal Records in 2010, their debut was produced by Dave Cobb and the follow-up was produced in 2014 by T-Bone Burnett. Those are some heavy hitters in the music world: Dave Cobb has made albums with some of Nashville's best artists, including Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton, and T-Bone Burnett has worked with everyone from U2 to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant to Elvis Costello.

With such an early push from such talented people, it was surprising to learn how the sisters' story took a turn. It has been a rough few years for the Rogers since their second album — they got dropped from their label Universal in 2015, filed for bankruptcy and hit a major songwriting block.

However, on their recent album they teamed up with singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile after she fell in love with one of their songs. The new record is called You Don't Own Me Anymore -- it's an allusion to experiences in the music industry, sure, but there are universal themes to distill as well. You'll hear our chat right after their live performance of the song "Carry Me." Listen now in the player above.

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