Lee Ranaldo On World Cafe : World Cafe Ranaldo's latest solo album Electric Trim is a lovely slice of indie pop. Hear the Sonic Youth guitarist in a live performance and new interview.

Lee Ranaldo On World Cafe

Lee Ranaldo On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Circular"
  • "Let's Start Again"
  • "Last Looks"

In addition to being widely recognized as one of the great American guitarists, Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo is also a published writer, poet and visual artist. His latest solo album, Electric Trim, features Sharon Van Etten, Nels Cline of Wilco, Kid Millions and more. It's a lovely slice of indie pop that scratches a musical itch for him.

In this session, you'll hear a live solo performance from the album, along with how Ranaldo learned to play guitar and the types of offers Sonic Youth gets to reunite.

"You know, even having a blank check offer come through didn't sway us from where we are at right now. And, you know, there's obviously some personal issues that are continuing there. But my feeling about that stuff is never say never."

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