BØRNS On World Cafe : World Cafe The avant-garde electro-pop artist talks about getting praise from Prince and working with Lana Del Rey.

BØRNS On World Cafe

Borns On World Cafe

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  • "Faded Heart"
  • "We Don't Care"
  • "God Save Our Young Blood"
  • "Blue Madonna"
  • "Electric Love"
  • "Happy Together"
  • "Bye-Bye Darling"

If BØRNS has done his job right, what you see at one of his shows will inspire you to "have a party and get weird." And really, what more could we ask for from someone who uses his stratospheric voice to rip through off-kilter electro-pop?

The guy knows how to have fun with his clothes, too — whether it's a tied-up crop top with floral patterning or a full-body lace turtleneck with an impeccably tailored Gucci suit (the latter was his cover art ensemble for his latest album Blue Madonna.)

But for someone with such avant-garde presentation, BØRNS is incredibly down to earth. It turns out, he had supportive parents.

BØRNS' had a smash hit in 2015 with the song "Electric Love", which Prince praised in one of the final interviews he ever gave. We talk about that tune, about BØRNS' work with Lana Del Rey and about his early ambitions to be what he calls a "skateboard paramedic." Listen in the player above.

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