Soccer Mommy On World Cafe : World Cafe Leaving NYU and signing to Fat Possum Records, Sophie Allison details her tough decision to drop everything in pursuit of her music career.

Soccer Mommy On World Cafe

Soccer Mommy On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Cool"
  • "Flaw"
  • "Scorpio Rising"

Here's a hypothetical: Would you drop out of a prestigious school to pursue a music career? What if there was a huge buzz around your high school bedroom recordings — lush atmospheric pop with some of the most incisive lyrics about love and loss — that you never expected anyone to hear, but when people did hear it, they loved it?

This is the decision Sophie Allison, who goes by Soccer Mommy, had to make. She dropped out of NYU in 2017 and signed to Fat Possum Records. In this session, Allison explains how hard of a decision that was to make. We also discuss her remarkable studio debut Clean. Hear it in the player.

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