Nothing Deconstructs Songs In Studio : World Cafe Hear a stripped-down set of songs from the band's latest album, Dance on the Blacktop, and Dominic Palermo's journey through life and the industry.

Nothing Deconstructs Songs In Studio

Nothing On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "I Hate the Flowers"
  • "The Carpenter's Son"
  • "Joey"

Nothing, and, by extension, founder and band leader Dominic Palermo, has been called the unluckiest band in the world. There was the time when Palermo, rising star in the Philadelphia hardcore scene, stabbed someone during a fight one night and ended up in prison. There was the time, after he got out, when he was jumped after a show and nearly died. And then there was the time he found out his brand-new record label was being financed by disgraced CEO Martin Shkreli (a.k.a. Pharma Bro) and so that fell through.

You'd forgive someone for giving up. But the story of Nothing is nothing short of inspirational. Palermo is an absolute joy to speak to and someone who's not afraid to share everything. The band's latest album, Dance on the Blacktop, is a reference to a prison fight, and Nothing's music delivers on that intensity. Produced By John Agnello, the album is a demanding listen, but a deeply rewarding experience.

The guys brought their stripped down set to World Cafe, and it's a beautiful, more acoustic reinterpretation of the songs. We start with a performance of "I Hate the Flowers." Listen in the player.

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