Jealous of the Birds On World Cafe : World Cafe Naomi Hamilton, who makes music as Jealous of the Birds, slices up genres and creates songs that sound homemade and tiny, explosive and bombastic.

Jealous of the Birds Uses A Love Of Language To Craft Songs With Great Effect

Jealous Of The Birds

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Vivian Wang/Courtesy of the artist

Jealous of the Birds

Vivian Wang/Courtesy of the artist

Set list

  • "Marrow"
  • "Blue Eyes"
  • "New York Has A Lump In Her Throat"
  • "Plastic Skeletons"
  • "Clementina"

It's one thing to meet someone who's talented, but it's a trip to meet someone like Northern Ireland's Naomi Hamilton, who makes music (and art) as Jealous of the Birds. Naomi has a knack for slicing up genres and making music that sounds homemade and tiny, but also explosive and bombastic. She studied English and creative writing at Queens University Belfast and uses her love of language to great effect when crafting songs for the band. In addition to her work musically, she's a painter, visual artist and, wait for it, a podcast host.

On the heels of her latest EP, Wisdom Teeth, Naomi's in Texas this week to play SXSW with four different gigs. But you don't have to stand in line for three hours, have a super-platinum music badge or be a BBQ caterer to hear Jealous of the Birds live. You can enjoy this session with Naomi and her band now, recorded in Belfast earlier this year. Hear it in the player.

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