Josh Ritter On World Cafe : World Cafe The master songwriter performs songs just like he did for Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires on their Nashville porch.

Josh Ritter Performs Stripped-Down Acoustic Version Of 'Fever Breaks'

Josh Ritter On World Cafe

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Set list

  • "Ground Don't Want Me"
  • "Losing Battles" "Silver Blade"
  • "All Some Kind Of Dream"
  • "Blazing Highway Home"

Twenty years into his career, it's safe to say Josh Ritter is a master songwriter and musician. But while making his latest album, Fever Breaks, he felt nervous.

Ritter had been making music with generally the same small group of people, The Royal City Band, for most of his career. But this time, he decided to switch it up and have his friend and fellow songwriter Jason Isbell produce the new record. Isbell brought his band the 400 Unit on board, and they headed to the legendary RCA Studio A. That's when the nerves really hit. But, as Ritter explains, "I realized that being afraid in this moment with my songs and nervous about where they should go and how they should is the right thing — this is what I got into this for."

Fever Breaks comes out April 26, but in this special session in front of a live audience, Josh Ritter performs stripped-down acoustic versions of his songs just like he did for Isbell and Amanda Shires on their Nashville porch when they were first deciding to work together.

Ritter explains how they turned those sessions into the album versions we hear on Fever Breaks and shares a full-circle story about his long musical relationship with Joan Baez and the beautiful, new song it led to. Plus, we talk about his family: Ritter is now a father of two, having adopted his youngest daughter through Wide Horizons for Children.

Hear it all in the player and get your First Listen of the complete album at NPR Music.

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