King Princess on World Cafe : World Cafe When singer-songwriter Mikaela Straus says, "I've never been subtle. I don't think now is the time," she means it.

King Princess Has Incredible Confidence With The Musical Chops To Back It Up

King Princess On World Cafe

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Set List

"Upper West Side"
"Useless Phrases / Cheap Queen"

When Mikaela Straus, who records as King Princess, says "I've never been subtle. I don't think now is the time," she means it. Straus is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, writer and emerging gay icon with incredible confidence charisma and the musical chops to back it up.

Straus literally grew up in a NYC recording studio built by her dad, Oliver, and would sleep there on the couch as a kid. She learned about the music industry from people who were immersed in it and explains how that has helped in her own career. In this session, Straus also shares what happened when she first verbalized being queer at 5 or 6 years old, what she thinks pop music can offer the gay community and why she's glad to have done the heavy lifting on her own identity before entering the music business.

King Princess performs songs from her debut EP, Make My Bed, which features a song called "Talia." (You can bet I asked her about that one.) Hear it all in the player.

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