Ace Of Cups On World Cafe : World Cafe More than 50 years after getting together in the late 1960s, the all-female rock band released its full-length debut studio album this past November.

Ace Of Cups' Endless Summer Of Love

Ace Of Cups On World Cafe

Set List

  • "Feel Good"
  • "Waller Street Blues"
  • "The Well"
  • "Grandma's Hands"

The members Ace of Cups came together in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood around the Summer of Love in the late 1960s. They lived down the street from the Grateful Dead, built up a following and shared the stage (and their gear) with Jimi Hendrix the week after he played the Monterey Pop Festival. Although there were female-fronted acts like Jefferson Airplane and singers like Janis Joplin on the scene at the time, Ace of Cups was a shock to the '60s system as an all-female rock band whose members played their own instruments and wrote their own songs.

Despite being poised for superstardom, things didn't quite work out for Ace of Cups back then. But this past November, more than 50 years after getting together, the band released its full-length debut studio album.

Original members Mary Gannon, Denise Kaufman, Mary Ellen Simpson, and Diane Vitalich dropped by World Cafe along with touring keyboard player Giovanna Imbesi to perform live and share stories about Ken Kesey's Acid Tests, the Summer of Love and their lives since then. Listen in the player.

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