Orville Peck On World Cafe : World Cafe The man behind the mask is incredibly forthright in discussing his persona, the pastiche of influences on his music and the response he's received as a queer country musician.

Orville Peck Is Making A Very Different Kind Of Country Music

Orville Peck On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Turn To Hate"
  • "Dead Of Night"
  • "Big Sky"

Orville Peck makes a very different kind of country music. It's a kind that's just as authentic as the storytellers he admired growing up, though some have questioned that because of the way he presents himself as an artist.

Orville may be in disguise, but he is incredibly forthright as a guest. We talked a bit about his persona as a masked singer and why he adopted it, but we really focused on the songs he's written, the pastiche of influences (like new wave, punk and gospel), and finally, the response he's received as a queer country musician.

Let's get started with a performance of "Turn To Hate" from the stage of World Cafe Live. It's Orville Peck.

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