An Interview And Studio Recording With Johnathan Rice : World Cafe Though it serves as a partial reflection on his relationship with Jenny Lewis, there's more to Rice's latest album.

Johnathan Rice's 'The Long Game' Is Not Quite A Breakup Record

Johnathan Rice On World Cafe

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Silvia Grav/Courtesy of the artist

Johnathan Rice

Silvia Grav/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Meet the Mother"
  • "The Long Game"
  • "Hollow Jubilee"
  • "Naked in the Lake"

Johnathan Rice rolled in the door and right away I knew I was going to enjoy chatting with him. He arrived as a party of one, with merch in a carry-on bag in one hand, and a guitar case in the other. Normally there's a manager, a sound person, or label folk shepherding. But this time, it was just Rice and a rental car touring the Northeast.

The Scottish-American Rice has been performing for over 15 years, and for many of those years, he was in a relationship with Jenny Lewis, even co-releasing an album as Jenny and Johnny. They're no longer a couple, and his latest album, The Long Game, is a partial reflection on that relationship, but it's not quite a breakup record.

Rice'll talk about that reflection, advice from Bill Murray and tricking your audience into listening to poetry. Hear the complete session in the player.

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