Perry Farrell Talks On Motivation For 'Kind Heaven' : World Cafe The charismatic singer has been as successful onstage as he has off, from Lollapalooza to Jane's Addiction.

Perry Farrell Talks Motivation For 'Kind Heaven'

Perry Ferrell On World Cafe

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Perry Farrell

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  • "Machine Girl"
  • "Pirate Punk Politician"
  • "Let's All Pray For This World" – Recorded Live For The World Cafe

Lollapalooza is happening this weekend in Chicago and when you think of the giant festival, I hope you think of the man who started it all, Perry Farrell. The charismatic singer has been as successful on stage as he is off, creating Jane's Addiction, not to mention Porno for Pyros. His latest project is Perry Ferrell's Kind Heaven.

What is that? It's a band that includes his wife, Etty Lau. It's also a venue in Las Vegas that in 2020 that offers a one of a kind experience. I'll let Perry explain — he's good at that.

We talk about Ferrell's motivations for his Kind Heaven project, a little Jane's Addiction history and what it's like to be 60. First, we get started with "Machine Girl," a track from Kind Heaven. Hear it all in the player.

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