Tamino Embraces His Voice And A More Delicate Sound : World Cafe Although his remarkable voice has been compared to Jeff Buckley's, the singer self-identifies more with Chris Cornell. Hear a live studio performance.

Tamino Embraces His Voice And A More Delicate Sound

Tamino On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Indigo Night"
  • "Tummy"
  • "Habibi"

There's something striking about Tamino when you meet him. The Egyptian-born, Belgium-raised musician has a calm energy, a measured performance style and, quite frankly, a heavenly voice. Although his vocal instrument has been compared to Jeff Buckley's, Tamino himself identifies more with the music of Chris Cornell. He previously played in a punk band before switching sonic paths and embracing a delicate sound that better suits his voice. Tamino hails from a musical family (his grandfather was a famous Egyptian singer and actor and his parents played music as well) and now he continues that tradition with the deluxe edition of Amir coming out October 18.

In this session, we discuss the record after starting off with a beautiful performance of "Indigo Night." Tune in to that and more live performances by clicking on the player on the page.

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