Pixies, Beyond The Stage And Behind The Scenes : World Cafe Black Francis and Joey Santiago talk about recording in upstate New York with a journalist watching their every move for a podcast on the making of the new Pixies album.

Pixies, Beyond The Stage And Behind The Scenes

Pixies On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Catfish Kate"
  • "Graveyard Hill"
  • "Debaser"
  • "Gouge Away"

What do Nirvana, Radiohead and David Bowie have in common? Over the years, they've all shared their admiration for Pixies, particularly the loud-quiet-loud dynamic that the band first perfected more than 30 years ago.

Born out of the Boston rock scene, these days, Pixies are Joey Santiago, David Lovering, Black Francis and now full-time member Paz Lenchantin. And for the group's latest album, Pixies agreed to have a journalist chronicle the group's every move for a podcast on the recording process.

I spoke to Black Francis and Joey Lovering about It's a Pixies Podcast. We chat about that project and the group rocks out from the stage of World Cafe Live with a classic from the 1989 album Doolittle, plus songs from Pixies' new album, Beneath the Eyrie. That and more in the audio player.