Bethany Cosentino And Bobb Bruno On New Best Coast's New Album 'Always Tomorrow' : World Cafe 10 years after her band's debut made her an indie darling, Bethany Cosentino is ready to put some of those early 20s demons — pessimism, depression, instability — to bed.

'Everything Has Changed' For Best Coast

Best Coast On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "For The First Time"
  • "Feeling OK"
  • "Graceless Kids"
  • "Everything Has Changed"

Think back to who you were a decade ago. What was that person like? What do you do differently now? And would you ever want to be that version of yourself again? Best Coast frontwoman and songwriter Bethany Cosentino has come a long way since she catapulted to fame — and all the adulation, criticism and partying that comes with it — and became an indie music darling back in 2010 on the strength of her band's debut album, Crazy For You.

And 10 years on, she says "I don't want to go back to the place that I was in, in Crazy for You days. I have compassion for that girl and I wish I could go back in time and pat that girl on the shoulder and be like 'Everything will be fine,' but I don't want to ever be that girl ever again."

"Everything Has Changed" is a song on Best Coast's latest album Always Tomorrow, but it's also the truth. We talk about what's changed, how it happened and you'll hear a live performance in this session. Listen in the player above.

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