Kevin Morby Performs 4 Songs From 'Sundowner' : World Cafe How do artists' surroundings influence their art? Kansas City musician Kevin Morby has lived in — and left — New York and Los Angeles, and he has some thoughts.

Midwest State Of Mind: Kevin Morby Explains 'Sundowner'

Kevin Morby On World Cafe

Set List

  • "Valley"
  • "Provisions"
  • "Sundowner"
  • "Campfire"

Would you call yourself a country person ... or a city person? Even if you are a city person, there might be times you wish you could get away, slow down the pace, listen to the crickets and watch the fireflies. That's where Kevin Morby's new album, Sundowner, takes you.

Kevin Morby has lived in the biggest cities in the country – in New York, in Los Angeles – but a few years ago, he settled back down in Kansas City, where he lived for part of his childhood. In this session, Morby gives us a look into how living in Kansas City shaped that album, and he'll play you some of the songs from Sundowner, beginning with one called "Valley."

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