The Chicago band's unique sound pulls from a mix of Latin influences. : World Cafe The Chicago band pulls from a mix of Latin influences to create their unique take on psychedelic rock.

Dos Santos' sound is a cultural melting pot as eclectic as their Chicago home

Dos Santos on World Cafe

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Jose Calvo/Courtesy of the artist

Dos Santos

Jose Calvo/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "purísima"
  • "La Cumbre del Apogeo"
  • "Glorieta"
  • "A Tu Lado"

Last April, the city of Chicago rolled out their new tourism slogan: "The Middle of Everything." It's a phrase that not only applies geographically, as Chicago is essentially in the middle of the country, it also extends to the music scene and our guests today, Dos Santos.

For our latest installment of the Sense of Place series, the World Cafe team is exploring Chicago's music scene. In this episode, we sit down with drummer Daniel Villarreal and percussionist Peter "Maestro" Vale, who explain how Dos Santos exists in the middle of a whole lot of different things: genres, influences and cultures.

Plus, the whole band joins us for an exclusive mini-concert.

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