30A Songwriters Sessions: Amy LaVere and Will Sexton : World Cafe Memphis-based singer songwriter Amy LaVere is joined by her husband Will Sexton in this mini-concert.

30A Songwriters Sessions: Amy LaVere and Will Sexton

Set List

  • "Daddy's Girl"
  • "No Battle Hymn"
  • "When You Go Dark"

One of the premiere singer-songwriter festivals in the U.S. happens along the Emerald Coast in northwestern Florida. It's called the 30A Songwriters Festival and, over the next few weeks, World Cafe will take you there as it broadcasts the 30A Songwriters Sessions, recorded and produced by WMOT this past January.

In this session, we have a performance from Amy LaVere and Will Sexton. LaVere's a singer, songwriter, upright bass player and actress who started out playing punk music as a teenager in Detroit. But for the last 20+ years, LaVere has been in Memphis, making Americana music. Her husband, Will, is a writer, producer, session player and the brother of country guitarist Charlie Sexton. Together, they worked on LaVere's latest album, Painting Blue.