Graham Nash on his latest album, 'Now' : World Cafe The musician talks about his latest album and shares memories of the late David Crosby.

Graham Nash finds harmony with his own voice on 'Now'

Graham Nash on World Cafe

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Amy Grantham/Courtesy of the artist

Graham Nash

Amy Grantham/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Love of Mine"
  • "Buddy's Back"
  • "You Don't Have to Cry"
  • "Teach Your Children"
  • "A Better Life"

Graham Nash has spent his career harmonizing with others, but he says his latest album is the most personal one he's ever made.

Now is his first studio album in seven years. Nash has lived in the United States for decades now, but he's originally from the U.K., and he got his start singing with Allan Clarke in The Hollies in the early '60s. He moved to America in the late '60s to sing with David Crosby and Stephen Stills in the band Crosby, Stills & Nash. In this session, you'll hear Graham talk about that big move across the pond, about singing with Clarke again for the first time in many years, and about Crosby, who passed away earlier this year.

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