Jenny Lewis on working with Dave Cobb on her latest album, 'Joy'All' : World Cafe Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis talks about working with producer Dave Cobb on her latest record, Joy'All.

Jenny Lewis embraces the Nashville sound on 'Joy'All'

Jenny Lewis on World Cafe

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Mama Hot Dog/Courtesy of the artist

Jenny Lewis

Mama Hot Dog/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Psychos"
  • "Puppy and a Truck"
  • "Chain of Tears"
  • "Joy'All"

What little thing are you going to do for yourself today that will bring you joy? Maybe you go for a run or get a coffee from your favorite place down the street? Maybe it's the way you do your hair, or even just admiring a beautiful view on your way to work.

Joy'All is the fifth studio album from Jenny Lewis, and as the name implies, Lewis is reminding you and herself that joy can be found everywhere. In this session, Lewis talks about the things that bring her joy. There are the big things, like her puppy and making music in her new community of Nashville, and smaller things, like her festive outgoing voicemail message. She also performs songs from the new album live, which we hope will bring you some joy.

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