Alana Springsteen talks about her debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING : World Cafe The Virginia Beach native talks about capturing the tumult of early adulthood on TWENTY SOMETHING.

Alana Springsteen is making a 'different kinda country' on her debut album

Alana Springsteen on World Cafe

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Alana Springsteen

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Set List

  • "shoulder to cry on"
  • "goodbye looks good on you"
  • "ghost in my guitar"
  • "chameleon"
  • "taylor did"
  • "amen"

Do you remember your early 20s? Maybe you're in your early 20s right now, and you know that things can be confusing, intense and full of life lessons. Virginia Beach native and current rising Nashville star Alana Springsteen is right in the thick of all of that.

Springsteen is, like the title of her debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, and she's divided that album into three parts called "messing it up," "figuring it out" and "getting it right." In this session, recorded in front of a live audience at World Cafe Live, you'll hear some songs from each of those parts. Plus, Springsteen talks about making the record, working with Chris Stapleton, and making it through the tumult of your 20s.


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