Madi Diaz performs songs from her new album, 'Weird Faith' : World Cafe The Nashville-based musician talks about her new record and performs in front of a live studio audience at World Cafe.

Love flourishes, then flickers out on Madi Diaz's 'Weird Faith'

Madi Diaz on World Cafe


Set List

  • "Everything Almost"
  • "Same Risk"
  • "Weird Faith"
  • "Obsessive Thoughts"

Madi Diaz says she's found the most success writing from her own point of view, and the Nashville singer-songwriter has put that perspective to work for others: Miranda Lambert, Kesha and Elle King are among the artists she's written for.

Yet, it's her latest solo album, Weird Faith, that may prove to be her biggest hit.

It chronicles the stages of a relationship from infatuation to breakup. Diaz has a knack for conveying the universal feelings of romance, but in a personal way that makes you feel like the experience was yours.

In this session, Diaz joins us from the stage of World Cafe in front of a studio audience to talk about making Weird Faith, how her backup plan involves horses, and the antsy circumstance Diaz found herself in when she learned she'd be supporting Harry Styles on tour.

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