Dan Boeckner talks about his solo debut album, 'Boeckner!' : World Cafe Canadian musician Dan Boeckner, also known for his work with Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and Divine Fits, talks about his debut solo album, Boeckner!.

Dan Boeckner on his solo debut album, 'Boeckner!'

Dan Boeckner on World Cafe

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Alison Green/Courtesy of the artist

Dan Boeckner

Alison Green/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Lose"
  • "Euphoria"
  • "This Heart's on Fire"
  • "Sinister Purpose"
  • "Holy Is the Night"

Dan Boeckner's debut solo album, Boeckner!, is stylized with an exclamation point — almost like he's bursting onstage and you're meeting him for the very first time.

But there's a good chance that you've heard Boeckner's music before — the Canadian musician has been in a lot of bands. He's perhaps best known as the frontman of Wolf Parade, but also a part of Handsome Furs, The Operators and Divine Fits.

In today's session, Boeckner reflects on why he's started so many musical outfits over the years, why he wanted to release a solo album now, and how this album is a culmination of everything he's done so far.

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