Watch a mini-concert with Creation Rebel : World Cafe The U.K. dub and reggae band perform live at The Jazz Cafe in London.

Watch a mini-concert with Creation Rebel

Creation Rebel on World Cafe

Creation Rebel & Adrian Sherwood - Live at The Jazz Cafe, London YouTube

Set List

  • "Starship Africa"
  • "Dub from Creation"

In Britain in 1978, when punk and new wave were gaining in popularity, dub music was also taking hold. At the forefront of the U.K. dub movement was Adrian Sherwood, a DJ, producer and mixer.

Sherwood started a label, On-U Sound, that was dedicated to dub, and he put together a house band called Creation Rebel, who recorded six albums between 1978 and 2023.

The music that Sherwood and Creation Rebel created was a unique style of dub. Instead of using existing tracks, Creation Rebel would have live jam sessions and Sherwood would later mix them. The albums Creation Rebel recorded have recently been reissued as one box set, called High Above Harlesden 1978-2023.

In this mini-concert, you'll hear Creation Rebel play live in a performance recorded in 2017 at The Jazz Cafe in London as part of an Adrian Sherwood show. Enjoy!

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World Cafe: 06/06/2024