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Teens who bum cigarettes every now and then find that addiction can happen before they know it. hide caption

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New research finds that socializing kids to drink at the family table -- often referred to as the "European drinking model" -- doesn't necessarily translate to more responsible drinking patterns. Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images hide caption

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Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

With Drinking, Parent Rules Do Affect Teens' Choices

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Recent graduates might need to wait for coverage under their parents' plans. Andy Kropa/Getty Images hide caption

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Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Dr. Margaret Morris at Intel Corp. is designing a cell phone app to help manage stress in everyday life, in order to improve mental health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Morris calls the app "Mobile Therapy." Courtesy of Dr. Margaret Morris hide caption

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Courtesy of Dr. Margaret Morris

Although millions of Americans take antidepressant drugs, there's only a little known about if and when it's safe to stop them. Ian McDonnell/ hide caption

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Ian McDonnell/