Alt.Latino's #NowPlaying Picks New song recommendations from the Alt.Latino team

Alt.Latino's #NowPlaying Picks

New song recommendations from the Alt.Latino team
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"Funk Aspirin," the new single from Cuban funkmeister Cimafunk features Dr. Funkenstein himself, Parliament's George Clinton, and is the perfect soundtrack for an end-of-summer front porch party (properly masked, of course).

The track grooves hard with the kind of bump and grind funk that was part of the Mothership's raison d'etre. For the past couple of years Cimafunk has been mining ancestral connections between Afro-Cuban music and grooves from the Black funk tradition. However, on "Funk Aspirin," it's hard to tell if a torch is being passed or merely carried across a bridge that was already there.

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Camila Cabello has refused to sideline her Latina flair and chingona spirit with every step of her career. "Don't Go Yet" meshes sounds and instrumentation not only from her own Cuban heritage but Latin America at large: From rumba rhythms to flamenco claves and everything in between, she once again positions herself as la reina del Latin pop. The music video, too, pays colorful homage to a vibrant cultural tradition. With the ease and elegance of a true salsera, Cabello presents stunning vocal runs and sharp, swishing hips that will captivate any audience; it will leave the most earworm impervious of listeners singing "Don't Go Yet" all night long.


Based on the title, contemporary R&B star Omar Apollo's newest single seems as though it'd be about wanting someone to leave, but, really, "Go Away" is about hoping that they'll stay. The 24-year-old Chicano artist sings about unrequited affections and the problem with time, namely, that there's never enough of it. The wavy, synth-filled instrumental paired with the singer's soulful, sweet-sounding falsetto make this song curiously danceable, but its confessional lyrics make it equally fit for a long, contemplative drive.

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Just in time for warmer weather, Pachyman's new single "El Benson" will teleport even land-locked listeners sea-side. The simple melody and cool, cascading electronic beats effortlessly carry the instrumental track. The sweet electric guitar riffs fade in and out with the cadence of the waves that kiss the shore of Pachy's Puerto Rico. If you're looking for good reggae-infused notes and sun-kissed percussion to be the sound of your summer — look no further. Pachyman, consistent king of smooth beats, is here — with good vibes, cool jams and probably a Piña Colada in hand.

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It's the image of a quintessential summer romance: top down, hands up, waves crashing, beats thumping, limbs swaying. It's the breezy nights that feel endless, the same ones you find yourself ugly crying through. Leave it to Bad Bunny to make one feel exactly like the others with "Yonaguni," his downbeat, melancholic summer anthem. Conejo Malo turns into a sad puppy in this celebration of heartbreak, lamenting the love interest he lost to the Japanese island, which the song is named after.

The single and its accompanying music video meld classic, quirky Benito charisma with crooning that oozes sincerity and sorrow. It's a formula that lets anything the star touches turn into instant gold. The Puerto Rican reggaeton king can't release a new single without sending shockwaves through the community. The song's last few measures, with Bad Bunny performing in Japanese, have todo el mundo talking and listening on repeat; your tía and your abuela can't get enough. From grocery stores to club floors, get ready for another Bad Bunny-filled season.