Ethanol: A Corn-Fueled Debate Five years after the government threw its support behind ethanol, one third of the U.S. corn crop now goes into making the octane booster. That has created new problems for the meat industry — and fueled a debate over whether ethanol is worth the trouble.
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Ethanol: A Corn-Fueled Debate

New problems arise for the meat industry — along with a debate over whether ethanol is worth it.

Maine-Anjou bulls eat a corn-based fattener feed in Owasso, Okla. Rising corn prices have led to higher costs for farmers -- and more expensive beef. Brandi Simons/Getty Images hide caption

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Brandi Simons/Getty Images

Time (Finally) For An Innovation? In 1941, Henry Ford unveiled a concept car that ran on ethanol and gas. The car's plastic body was made from soybean and fibers such as field straw, hemp and flax. AP hide caption

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