7 Billion And Counting: World Population Hits A Milestone As Earth's human population hits 7 billion, there's little agreement on what its future growth will look like. And different countries all face their own challenges to maintain a stable, productive population.

Immigrants like these Indians at a Sikh festival in Barcelona are bolstering Europe's stagnant population growth rate. Randy Olson/National Geographic hide caption

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Randy Olson/National Geographic

Sharing a hillside with high-rise apartment dwellers, children dance at a shop in one of the squatter communities that ring Caracas, a city of 3 million. Today, one in seven people live in slums. Providing them with better housing and education will be one of the great challenges facing a world of 7 billion people and counting. Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos hide caption

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Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos

7 Billion And Counting: Can Earth Handle It?

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