Getting To 55 MPG The Obama administration and major car manufacturers recently announced a new initiative to double Corporate Average Fuel Economy to 55 mpg by 2025. Reaching that goal will take not only feats of engineering but also changing how Americans think about cars.
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Getting To 55 MPG

By 2025, automakers fleets of vehicles must get an average of 55 mpg, nearly double what it is now.

Morris and Salom Electrobats are seen in front of the Old Metropolitan Opera House on 39th Street in the Manhattan borough of New York, 1898. Museum of Modern Art/AP hide caption

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Museum of Modern Art/AP

A Nissan Leaf charges at a station in Portland, Ore., that can recharge an electric car in 30 minutes. Electric cars could be an integral part of meeting 55-mpg fuel standards by 2025, but many consumers are put off by the vehicles' higher price and what some call "range anxiety." Rick Bowmer/AP hide caption

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Rick Bowmer/AP