Dead Stop: A Summer Road Trip To America's Strange And Notable Cemeteries A summer road trip visits strange, funny, historic and notable gravesites and cemeteries across America.
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Dead Stop

A summer road trip to strange, funny, historic and notable gravesites and cemeteries across America.

The grave of The Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald lies next to a major thoroughfare for commuters between Rockville, Md., and Washington, D.C. Jess Gitner/NPR hide caption

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Jess Gitner/NPR

For more than a decade, author Patricia Lim researched the 8,000 graves of the Hong Kong Cemetery, one of the city's oldest Christian cemeteries. Here, Lim stands at the grave of former Hong Kong police officer Richardson Barry Loxley Leslie. Last year, she rested on the grave while, unbeknownst to her at the time, she was having a mild heart attack. Louisa Lim/NPR hide caption

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Louisa Lim/NPR

Congressional Cemetery was founded in 1807, when Washington, D.C., was a new town. The 35-acre historic burial ground is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, overlooking the Anacostia River. Blake Lipthratt/NPR hide caption

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Blake Lipthratt/NPR

Volunteers have been collecting grave markers like these and trying to figure out where they go. Maggie Martin/NPR hide caption

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Maggie Martin/NPR

Fans leave all manner of mementos at Andy Warhol's grave site, near Pittsburgh. This spring, a local Warhol impersonator wrapped the grave stone in colorful paper for an entire month. Madelyn Roehrig hide caption

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Madelyn Roehrig

A couple celebrates Dia de los Muertos at the Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, Texas. Stacy Kendrick/Concordia Cemetery hide caption

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Stacy Kendrick/Concordia Cemetery

The Gilliam Cemetery, near Sebastopol, Calif., received its first grave in 1852. Many of its older headstones have disappeared over the years. Cindy Carpien/NPR hide caption

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Cindy Carpien/NPR

Queen Esther stands in front of Billie Holiday's gravesite in New York City. Mito Habe-Evans/NPR hide caption

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Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

Ernie K-Doe poses outside his Mother-In-Law Lounge during Jazz Fest in New Orleans in 2001. He died a few months later and was buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. Pat Jolly/AP hide caption

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Pat Jolly/AP

Hollywood animal trainer Frank Inn with Higgins, a shelter dog known for his starring roles in the 1960s TV series Petticoat Junction and the 1974 film Benji. Courtesy of Kathleen Copson hide caption

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Courtesy of Kathleen Copson