Slingshot Public radio music stations have always broken new artists, but never quite like this.


Public Radio's Emerging Artist Spotlight

Clockwise from upper left: Hannah Jagadu, Blondshell, Madison McFerrin, Nat Myers, Abraham Alexander, Peter One. Courtesy of the artists hide caption

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Courtesy of the artists

Favorite New Artists Of 2023 (So Far)

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"When we experienced [the bike generators] for the first time in 2012, it rewired my brain in how I understand my use of electricity," says Illiterate Light member Jake Cochran, pictured. Alex Kent and Patrick Fitzgerald hide caption

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Alex Kent and Patrick Fitzgerald

Vocalists Jillian Taylor and Hannah Taylor and guitarist Todd Fausnacht of Cosmic Guilt perform at True Hand Society in Philadelphia, Pa. Paige Walter/Cherry-Veen Zine hide caption

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Paige Walter/Cherry-Veen Zine

Sister Rosetta Tharpe — the inspiration behind singer-songwriter Erin Dillard's Black Music City project — poses for a portrait holding a guitar in circa 1940 New York City. Michael Ochs/Getty Images hide caption

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Michael Ochs/Getty Images

25-year-old hip-hop artist Shelem released his latest single "Suga Wata" on July 20. Lilly Dyer/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Lilly Dyer/Courtesy of the artist