Following Up Goats and Soda looks back at some of our favorite stories.
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Following Up

Rosy does dishes — voluntarily. Getting the 2-year-old involved in chores did lead to the kitchen being flooded and dishes being broken. But now she is still eager to help. Michaeleen Doucleff/NPR hide caption

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Michaeleen Doucleff/NPR

Tima Kurdi holds her necklace bearing a photograph of her nephews, Alan (left) and Ghalib Kurdi. She is the author of The Boy on the Beach: My Family's Escape from Syria and Our Hope for a New Home. Ben Stansall /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Ben Stansall /AFP/Getty Images

Kennedy Odede (in blue shirt) is dancing for a good reason. The charity he and his wife started has been awarded the $2 million Hilton Humanitarian Prize. He's joined by residents of Kibera, the neighborhood in Nairobi where his nonprofit group provides educational, health and clean water services. Anwar Sadat hide caption

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Anwar Sadat

Durga has just earned her undergraduate degree. Because of her accomplishment, the groom and his family have said they no longer consider her a good match. "They are scared of an educated bride," says Durga's father, Lumbaram. Swati Vashishtha for NPR hide caption

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Swati Vashishtha for NPR

After an earthen floor is put down, it is covered with an oil-based floor sealant that hardens and makes it easy to clean. Jacques Nkinzingabo/Courtesy of EarthEnable hide caption

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Jacques Nkinzingabo/Courtesy of EarthEnable

Godwin Ndosi rents out rooms at his parents' house to guests around the world through websites like Airbnb. He's standing with one of his international visitors. Courtesy of Godwin Ndosi hide caption

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Courtesy of Godwin Ndosi

The typical asymmetrical lymphedema (lower limb swelling) seen in podoconiosis. The skin on the affected limbs is thickened with warty and mossy nodules. The toes are disfigured with joint fixation typical of advanced podoconiosis disease. Christine Kihembo/ASTMH & AJTMH hide caption

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Christine Kihembo/ASTMH & AJTMH