People at NPR More than 700 people work at National Public Radio bringing you news and cultural programming every day. You can check out the bios of some of the famous voices you hear on the radio as well as find out about some of the other special people who help run NPR.

People at NPR

If you do not see the name of the person you are looking for, he or she may be affiliated with your local NPR station or another public radio organization.

A (30)
B (38)
C (41)
D (29)
E (13)
F (21)
G (39)
H (34)
I (5)
J (14)
K (40)
L (30)
M (58)
N (17)
O (8)
P (17)
Q (2)
R (27)
S (69)
T (21)
U (1)
V (9)
W (26)
X (2)
Y (5)
Z (1)