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Jacob Collier performs at the Tiny Desk on May 16, 2019. Claire Harbage/NPR hide caption

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Jacob Collier's 5 Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts

The multi-talented wunderkind (and previous Tiny Desk Concert performer) is a longtime fan of the series — here, he shares his wide-ranging favorites.

"I tried to get the sexy gorilla costume. But they're out, so I got the standard one," Neko Case says. "But there's still boobies." Meredith Rizzo/NPR hide caption

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Tiny Desk Trick Or Treat: Our 5 Favorite Concerts In Costume

There's dressing up, and then there's dressing up. Just in time for Halloween, watch five costume-intensive Tiny Desk concerts — starting with Neko Case in a gorilla suit, of course.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens performed "Father and Son" at the Tiny Desk on Oct. 26, 2014. Susan Hale Thomas/NPR hide caption

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5 Tiny Desk Concerts That Will Literally Make You Cry

With the help of some powerful performances, let's just get it all out. It'll be fine.

Andrew Bird performs a Tiny Desk on April 5, 2016. Brandon Chew/NPR hide caption

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The Best-Sounding Tiny Desk Concerts, Vol. 1

The Tiny Desk's audio engineer shares some performances that caught his expert ear, and explains why.

If you haven't seen the Lizzo Tiny Desk concert, what are you waiting for? Claire Harbage/NPR hide caption

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The 5 Most Uplifting Tiny Desk Concerts

We've hosted roughly 900 Tiny Desk concerts, so it's a challenge to pick just five to match any superlative you can name. But for this list, we stick mostly to delicious, fantastic spectacle.

Brandi Carlile performs a Tiny Desk concert on June 26, 2012. Blake Lipthratt/NPR hide caption

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The 5 Best 'Before They Were Stars' Tiny Desk Concerts

They were always stars to us. But some Tiny Desk alums just happened to stop by shortly before their careers really took off.

Gogol Bordello played the first truly crazy Tiny Desk concert back in 2010. May-Ying Lam/NPR hide caption

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The 5 Wildest Tiny Desk Concerts

Soak up an insane frenzy of high-kick histrionics, pounded pianos and berserker bagpipes, with a confetti cannon thrown in for good measure.

Lianne La Havas selected her five favorite Tiny Desk concerts. Jun Tsuboike/NPR hide caption

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Lianne La Havas' 5 Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts

Her own Tiny Desk concert has been viewed nearly 13 million times. But the U.K. soul star has some favorites of her own to share.

Tom Jones was one of the Tiny Desk's first celebrity guests. NPR hide caption

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The Best Of The Very Beginning Of Tiny Desk Concerts

"Maybe it's the start of something, and maybe it's not." That's how Bob Boilen described the very first Tiny Desk concert in 2008.

Natalia LaFourcade performs a Tiny Desk concert on August 10, 2017. Liam James Doyle/NPR hide caption

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#ElTiny: The Best Latinx Tiny Desk Concerts, Vol. 1

Watch riveting performances by superstars Café Tacvba, Juanes & Mon Laferte, iLe, Jorge Drexler and Natalia Lafourcade.

Amy Grant performs a Tiny Desk Concert on Nov. 7, 2018. Cameron Pollack/NPR hide caption

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'Tis The Tiny Season: Our 5 Favorite Holiday Tiny Desk Concerts

The Tiny Desk concert series is old enough to have some traditions of its own. Here are five of our favorite holiday performances from over the years.