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A song by the K-pop group BTS, shown here performing during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, is included in our starter kit. Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp hide caption

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Start Here: Your Guide To Getting Into K-Pop

Korean pop's near-total global ubiquity may be intimidating for the uninitiated, but getting into the music shouldn't be. Our introduction includes tracks by H.O.T., Girls Generation, BTS and more.

Big Freedia, shown performing in 2019 in New Orleans, is part of our starter kit for the queer music of New Orleans. Paras Griffin/Getty Images, hide caption

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How Queer Tastemakers, Movers And Shakers Shaped The Music Of New Orleans

No single lineage can contain New Orleans music. But one central thread is the legacy of queer performers and tastemakers — from Bobby Marchan to Big Freedia — who steered the sounds and the scenes.

Tracy Chapman, shown here at the 39th Grammy Awards, is included in our starter kit for women's music. Timothy Clary/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Love In Abundance: A Guide To Women's Music

Women's music is music written by, for and about women (and, more often than not, women who love women). Our starter kit includes music by Cris Williamson, Ferron, Toshi Reagan, Ani DiFranco and more.

Team Dresch's song "Fagetarian and Dyke" is featured in our playlist of queer punk. Courtesy of Jealous Butcher Records hide caption

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Queer As Punk: A Guide To LGBTQIA+ Punk

"Queer punk" might be redundant if making over-the-top statements at the top of your lungs isn't precisely what makes punk "punk" and queer "queer." Here's a guide to the genre's history and legacy.

Lucinda Williams's iconic fifth album, Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, defined Americana, but it's just one peak in a career that stretches 20 years forward and back in time from that moment. Danny Clinch/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Lucinda Williams: A Guide To Her Best Songs

Williams's new album, Good Souls Better Angels, is another remarkable entry in a catalog that has, across more than a dozen albums, shaped Americana. Here's a map of her career's many high points.