A Thanksgiving Feast For The Ears And Eyes It's a cornucopia of holiday food-for-thought, from recipes to original short stories to a music mix fit for stuffing.
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A Thanksgiving Feast For The Ears And Eyes

Vegetable seller Olesya Vladymyrovna, 55, holds a pumpkin at a market in Lviv, Ukraine. For centuries in the Eastern European nation, a pumpkin meant: "No, I will not marry you." David Greene/NPR hide caption

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David Greene/NPR

Fear The Pumpkin: In Ukraine, It's The Big Kiss-Off

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This fettuccine dish for one person is quick, easy and satisfying — and can easily be doubled for surprise guests. Nicole Spiridakis for NPR hide caption

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Nicole Spiridakis for NPR

Rolled up cornucopia sponge-cake dessert Emily Ochsenschlager/NPR hide caption

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Emily Ochsenschlager/NPR