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Items from NPR Life Kit host Marielle Segarra's ancestral altar, clockwise from right: a Julio Iglesias cassette tape, an address book, a crucifix, a mango candy, a card with a rose depicted on it, eyeglass lenses and a ring. Malaka Gharib/ NPR hide caption

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Malaka Gharib/ NPR

How to create an ancestral altar at home: A cross-cultural guide

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Maria Fernanda Hernandez Reyes y Miriam García Reyes durante la jornada laboral cosechando flor Terciopelo en San Fúlix Hidalgo, Puebla, México. Koral Carballo for NPR hide caption

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Koral Carballo for NPR

An altar for Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his wife Mercedes Barcha is set up in the studio of their home in Mexico City on Oct. 27, 2021. Day of the Dead, or Día de Los Muertos, the annual Mexican tradition of reminiscing about departed loved ones with colorful altars, or ofrendas, is celebrated annually Nov. 1. Garcia Marquez died on April 17, 2014 and Mercedes died on Aug. 15, 2020. Fernando Llano/AP hide caption

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Fernando Llano/AP