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This image released by the the Mass Graves Directorate of the Kurdish Regional Government shows a human jaw bone exhumed from a mass grave containing Yazidis killed by Islamic State militants in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq in 2015. Kurdish Mass Graves Directorate via AP hide caption

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Kurdish Mass Graves Directorate via AP

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) toasts with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II during a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in London on the first day of the state visit in October 2015. Elizabeth said on camera that Chinese officials had been "very rude" during the official visit. Dominic Lipinski/AP hide caption

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Dominic Lipinski/AP

Jaroslaw Kaczynski sits before a large image of his twin brother, Lech Kaczynski, who was the president of Poland from 2005 until his death in a plane crash in 2010. Today Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a former prime minister of Poland, doesn't hold political office; but as the head of the Law and Justice party, he is functionally the leader of Poland. Adam Guz/Getty Images Poland/Getty Images hide caption

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Adam Guz/Getty Images Poland/Getty Images

Michael Oreskes says that he admires NPR's reportorial muscle and that the network's greatest strength can be found in its ability to tell stories that listeners find compelling, accessible and absorbing. Chuck Zoeller/AP hide caption

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Chuck Zoeller/AP

The controversies facing his administration could be creating a stiff headwind for President Obama's second-term agenda. Jack Plunkett/AP hide caption

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Jack Plunkett/AP

AP Twitter Account Hacked, Tweet About Obama Shakes Market

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May 7, 1945: In Frankfurt, Germany, Allied commanders including British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Soviet Marshal Gregori Zhukov and others celebrate the German surrender. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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AFP/Getty Images