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The story of "Prisoner X" is dominating the media in both Australia and Israel. William West/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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William West/AFP/Getty Images

The "prisoner x" story is front page news in Australia. William West /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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William West /AFP/Getty Images

Israelis eat at a kosher McDonald's restaurant in Tel Aviv. David Silverman/Getty Images hide caption

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David Silverman/Getty Images

In the southern West Bank city of Hebron today, supporters of Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas gathered in anticipation of today's vote at the U.N. Hazem Bader /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Hazem Bader /AFP/Getty Images

NPR's Philip Reeves, reporting on 'Morning Edition'

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Palestinians walking in front of a mural of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Gaza City earlier today. Mohammed Abed /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Mohammed Abed /AFP/Getty Images

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced the "hold fire" agreement in Cairo. Khaled Desouki /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Khaled Desouki /AFP/Getty Images

A worker emerges from one of hundreds of smuggling tunnels that connect the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Paolo Pellegrin/National Geographic hide caption

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Paolo Pellegrin/National Geographic

Palestinians react after they checked the body of their family member killed in an Israeli air strike, at Al-Adwan Hospital in Gaza City on Tuesday. Chen Xu/Xinhua /Landov hide caption

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Chen Xu/Xinhua /Landov

The Israelis and Palestinians have clashed repeatedly over the Gaza Strip, but the recent upheavals in the Middle East have changed the dynamics this time. Here, a Palestinian woman is helped after being injured in an Israeli strike in Gaza City on Monday. Bernat Armangue/AP hide caption

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Bernat Armangue/AP