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A small group of 8- to 12-year-olds learn about how soldiers trained for the Civil War. Michael Tomsic/WFAE hide caption

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Michael Tomsic/WFAE

Picking Sides At Day Camp: Confederacy Or Union?

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How did the food taste? These faces say it all. Photograph from the main eastern theater of war, Meade in Virginia, August-November 1863. Timothy H. O'Sullivan/Library of Congress hide caption

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Timothy H. O'Sullivan/Library of Congress

Activists in the town of Saraqib, Syria, hold a poster that reads, "Sheikh Moaz al Khatib represents me." Courtesy of Mahmoud Bakkour hide caption

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Courtesy of Mahmoud Bakkour

Rosa, Charley and Rebecca are three of eight freed slaves who sat for portraits in 1863-1864 that were sold to raise money to fund schools for emancipated slaves in Louisiana. The three were chosen because it was believed their near-white complexions would draw more sympathy — and support — from a country torn apart by slavery and civil war. Charles Paxson/Library of Congress hide caption

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Charles Paxson/Library of Congress